3 Things To Consider When Buying And Installing Shingles

When you are replacing or changing your roofs shingles, there are many factors to take into account. There are many products that can make your home much more energy efficient. You will also want to consider what products will be the most durable and weather resistant. This article will explain 3 considerations you will want to take when buying and installing roofing shingles.

1. Choose a Light Color For Energy Efficiency

When shopping for roof shingles, you will want to look for shingles with a lighter color. Asphalt shingles are popular, but they are usually very dark, so they are not the most efficient option. If you live an extremely hot climate, you will definitely want to avoid dark shingles that will absorb heat. No matter what color you want for your home, you should look for a product with the US EPA's Energy Star seal of approval. Energy Star rated roofing products can help you to reduce your air conditioning use by 15%. Whenever you buy an Energy Star product you can rest assured that you have a product that is environmentally friendly and money-saving.

2. Consider Adding Better Insulation to Your Roof During Installation

During the process of installing new shingles on your roof, you might need to resurface some of the roof structure. This might be a good chance to add further insulation to your roof. Foam or fiberglass insulation can be very helpful whether you live in an extremely hot or cold environment. When you couple extra insulation with Energy Star shingles, you will be amazed at how much cooler you home remains during the hot summer months.

3. How to Get the Job Done

One of the most important things to consider when investing in a new roof is whether you are going to do the job on your own or hire a professional roofing contractor. Do not attempt to do your own roofing repair if you need to make structural repairs. However, you might be able to easily install shingles on your own. However, don't attempt to install shingles if your roof is particularly steep. Working on pitched roofs is just too dangerous without professional equipment and experience. Unless you have experience working on a roof, you should probably leave the job to professionals. Also keep in mind that roofing work requires a sizable workforce and it can go very slowly if you do not have at least 5-6 laborers. 

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