DIY: Install A Roof Coating To Cut Down Your Cooling Costs

If you are looking for a way to reduce how much money you spend to cool off your home, you can lower your energy costs by applying a reflective roof coating on your metal roof. It will result in a home that stays cool over time, and will decrease the use of your home's air conditioner. This is how you can do it on your own.

Tools And Materials

To get started, gather the following tools and materials.

  • Bleach
  • Cleaning detergent
  • Scrub brush
  • Screw gun
  • Roofing screws
  • Garden hose
  • Broom
  • Paint roller
  • Paint brush
  • Roofing cement
  • Long handle brush
  • Mixing stick
  • Ladder
  • Reflective coating

Preparation And Cleaning

Begin by using your broom to sweep off any loose debris from your roof. Then, you can prepare a cleaning solution that consists of a couple drops of bleach with a cleaning detergent. Mix it together so that you can apply it to any stains that are stubborn using your scrub brush Rinse off your entire roof with your garden hose. Then inspect the roof's surface for any materials that may be loose. You can use roofing screws to secure the loose roofing material.

Use a paintbrush to apply the roofing cement on the seams of the roof. Move the brush in a single direction with even brushstrokes.  Also, be sure to apply roofing cement over each screw. Coating these items with roofing cement will lower the possibility of leaks occurring. Allow the roofing cement plenty of time to dry, making sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Applying Reflective Roof Coating

Roof coating should be an even consistency before you start applying it, so be sure to mix it well. Use a long handle brush or roller to apply the roof coating. Once you start the application process, you cannot stop. Make sure you have easy access to all your materials, and have a helper move your ladder to the opposite side of your roof for when you finish.

Make sure the roller is properly coated, and apply the reflective roof coating in a straight line. Move from the bottom to the top of your roof, then begin the next line at the bottom. It could take several days for the coating to dry.

Once the reflective coating is applied and dry, you should start feeling the benefits immediately by having a house that is cooler overall. Reflecting roof coatings won't last forever, as you will need to apply a new coating after a few years. If these steps seem too complicated for you, consider hiring a professional roofing company to do it for you.