Important Signs That Your Roof May Need To Be Replaced Or Repaired Immediately

Do you live in an area that has heavy precipitation every year? Do you know how to tell if the snow and rain is causing damage to your home? Here are some signs you should be on the watch for:

Overhead fixtures pushing downward: Examine your sprinkler heads, fans, and lighting fixtures. Are they secure in their housing? If they've started to push out or down out of their receptacles, that's a sign of significant pressure from the roof structure. A roofing contractor can examine the fixtures and the roof to see if the displacement is a symptom of a potential roof collapse. 

Interior roof rafters sagging: Go into your attic and look at your roof rafters to see if they are misshapen, bent, or displaced. If you're unsure of what to look for, roofing contractors know what healthy roof rafters should look like. They can examine your attic area carefully and let you know if your rafters are safe and sturdy, or in need of work.

Cracking in ceiling or interior walls: Each house has a normal amount of settling that can cause minor fissures that are harmless. However, the appearance of sudden fractures in your home could signal that your roof has become weakened and needs immediate attention from a roofing professional. 

Warping door or window frames: Interior doors that pop open on their own, or are suddenly difficult to close could be a strong warning sign. Windows or doors that abruptly become difficult to open could be a signal that the roof is in imminent danger of collapsing. If your door or window frames seem bent or distorted, evacuate your home immediately. Stay out until a professional has assessed the situation and lets you know it's okay to go back into your home. Leaving suddenly could be a minor inconvenience, but it will prevent you from worrying about the roof buckling in on you and your family.  

Severe water leaks: You may think that only the weight of snow can cause a roof to collapse, but substantial amounts of rain leaking through your roof can also cause it to collapse. The water weakens support structures, causing them to weaken so that the roof gives out. If rains are pouring through your roof and into your home, leave as soon as possible. Professional roofing contractors can look at the damage caused by the rain and help you decide what to do about the situation. 

Noises: Most homes make harmless sounds as they settle. However, a surge of creaking or popping from the walls or attic during snow or rain could be a sign that the increased weight on the roof is adding stress that could cause permanent damage. A roofing contractor will be able to tell you whether the sounds are harmless, or if they signify a problem that needs attention.