Why Installing A Metal Roof Will Not Make Your Home Homely

If you need a roof makeover but think a metal roof will make your home look more like a factory, reconsider. Here are three reasons you should get a metal roof, including an explanation why metal roofing will not make your home look like an unwelcoming warehouse.

Metal Roofing Can Be Pretty

When you think of a metal roof, you probably do not picture a cozy looking home, but rather a business plant or mill. But, with the growing popularity of homes with metal roofing, there are many stylish and colorful options. There may even be more color options than asphalt or tiles can provide. In fact, you can get metal roofing that closely resembles tiles, shingles (which are stone-coated steel), or even wooden shingles.

It's amazing how some elements can be manipulated to look like something other than what they really are. Metal roofing has come far in the world of aesthetics. If you are worried that you have one kind of roof and your home is not capable of taking on a different type of roof, fret not. Metal roofing can be retrofitted to your home's architecture. It is fairly easy to install steel roofing, too.

Metal Roofing Saves Money

You will save money in several different ways by getting a metal roof. First, it is considerably less expensive than other types of roofing to get installed. Secondly, you will save money on energy expenditures since metal roofing reflects the sun's rays away from itself. You will save up to 40% on energy bills because your home will stay cooler in hot weather.

In the cold months, metal roofing sheds snow quickly, therefore taking the weight and wear-and-tear off of the roof. Metal roofing is wind resistant, doesn't crack or curl, which significantly reduces any costs you would otherwise have for repairs. Economically and ecologically, it just makes more sense to get metal roofing.

Metal Roofing Lasts

Metal roofing can last up to twice as long as asphalt shingle roofing, and as mentioned previously, requires little money for repairs or maintenance. Keeping a metal roof clean is as simple as spraying it biannually with a power washer and de-gunking the gutters. 

If you ever do need to repair the metal roof, it is generally easily done and inexpensive. It's much easier to find and repair a leak in a metal roof. Metal roofing is durable, sturdy, and easy to take care of.

So, to recap, replacing your old roof with a new metal roof is the way to go because it will be just as pretty, if not more attractive, you will save in energy costs, and it will last a good, long time. It seems to be the best option if you need your roof replaced.