Improve The Mettle Of Your Roof With Metal Roofing

A roof has to contend with a host of challenges. Facing upwards, a roof must weather the full force of the sun's fury. The sun's UV rays can bake the volatiles right out of asphalt roofing and leave it brittle and prone to cracking. If this weren't bad enough, roofs must take the brunt of hazards like hail and wind. Even soft, fluffy flakes of snow can overwhelm a roof and lead to ice damming or complete collapse. If you want a roof that can weather whatever the weather throws at it, you need to invest in metal roofing for your home. 

Wind and Hail

Hail can punch holes in your asphalt shingles, and wind can rip them right off of your home. Thus, if you live in an area that is prone to inclement weather, you should think twice before you take the inexpensive route and cover your roof with asphalt shingles. Metal roofing panels are secured to your roof with self-tapping screws. Furthermore, there is no loose edge for the wind to catch. Thus, a metal roof can stand up to gale-force winds without damage. While some metal roofs can be damaged by hail, you can buy a thick gauge of galvanized steel and cover your roof with a layer of armor plating that will handle most hailstones without problems. 

Standing up to Snow

The problem with snow is that the more it accumulates on your home, the more the weight of the snow tends to overwhelm the trusses in your roof. Cedar shakes, asphalt shingles, and other common roofing materials have a high-friction surface which tends to keep snow in place. On the other hand, metal has a low-friction surface, which will allow snow to slide right off of your roof. Thus, if you live and area that receives a lot of snow, a metal roof can protect your home from roof collapse. 


Asphalt singles last for around 15-20 years, cedar shakes can last for 50 years, and a metal roof can last for 60 years or more. The longer your roof lasts, the less you have to worry about covering the cost of replacing your roof. Because metal roofs last longer than other roofing types, they can help you to save money on maintenance and replacement. 

Metal roofs are a good choice for your home for many reasons. Even though metal roofs can cost more initially than asphalt shingles, they will help you to save money in the long run. Thus, they are worth the higher initial cost. Talk with a local roofer like Georoulis Roofing & Construction for more information about how a metal roof will work for your home.