Three Problems That You May Encounter With Commercial Roof Repairs

Commercial buildings usually have flat roofs, which can lead to standing water and the need for more frequent repairs. Depending on the type of roofing, it may be more difficult to locate the leaks or to get the repairs done. Sometimes, there may even be standing water where a repair needs to be done. If you have an older commercial roof, here are some of the repair problems that you may encounter on your roof:

1. Water Getting In Around Rooftop Mechanical Installations

Many of the mechanical system, like AC units, are located on the roof of commercial buildings. These systems have flashing and waterproofing around them to prevent leaks. Eventually, the flashing can become worn and begin to leak. This is a common place where you may have a roof leak, which can be easily fixed by replacing the flashing and roofing around the mechanical systems to prevent leaks.

2. Clogged Roof Drains Causing Standing Water On The Roof

Most commercial roofs have a drainage system to allow water to drain off the top of the roof. If there are not sufficient drains, or if all the water goes to one area of the roof, these can become clogged with debris. This can cause standing water at the location of the drain, which can eventually cause leaks. To repair this, you will may want to have more drainage added to the roof to ensure that the water does not drain to one area of the roof.

3. Standing Water And Roof Leaks That Need To Be Repaired

Standing water can also be caused by things like a building settling, which you may not want to pay to have a roof completely replaced to correct the problem. There are sealants that can be used to fix these problems, which are applied after the leaks caused by the standing water are repaired. Some of these products can even be used without removing the water for a quick repair solution.  If there are areas of your roof with standing water, you will want to talk to your roofing contractor about correcting the problem so that water drains properly from your roof.

These are some of the problems that you may encounter with a commercial roof that needs repairs. If you need to have your old roofing repaired, contact a commercial roofing contractor to get the help you need with the repairs to your roof.