Addressing Two Commonly Asked Questions Concerning Commercial Green Roofs

Your business's roof is a critical part of your building, but these coverings can come in a variety of styles. In particular, green roofs have emerged as an increasingly popular option for environmentally conscious business owners. These roofs use a combination of plants and soil to create a protective barrier against the elements. Yet, this may not be a type of roof that you have much experience or knowledge about, but after learning the following two questions and answers about green roofs, you should find yourself having more of the information you need to make an informed decision about whether you should upgrade to this type of roofing. 

Can Green Roofs Be Installed in Any Climate?

There is a common misconception that green roofs are only available to those living in areas that are relatively warm year round. This is far from the case, and this style of roof is actually available to businesses in almost any environment. This is possible by choosing plants for the roof that are native to the local environment. 

In areas with extremely harsh winters, the only plant that may be able to survive is a specially bred grass. These grasses are able to thrive in the cold conditions of the winter months, but they will still be effective at protecting and insulating your roof. 

How Is Watering the Roof Addressed?

For those with a green roof, it is critical to keep the plants healthy to ensure they are able to hold the soil in place. Unfortunately, there can be prolonged periods without rain, and it will be necessary to water your roof during these periods of time. This is a simple process for this type of roof. 

During installation, your roofing contractor will install an irrigation system to give you the ability to water your green roof without having to physically go onto your roof. There is usually a control panel inside your home or garage that will allow you to activate this system. However, you should closely follow the recommended water settings. Over saturating your roof can kill your plants or foster disease, which can be expensive to repair because the plants will likely have to be replaced. 

Installing a green roof can be a great way of ensuring that your roof is as energy efficient and beautiful as possible. Yet, it is important for you to understand that these roofs are suitable for almost every environment and that they are easy to water because this may help you to make a smart choice for your business's roofing needs. For assistance, talk to a professional like Davis Bros Roofing.