Painting Aluminum Siding: Important Do's And Don'ts For Homeowners

So, your home's old aluminum siding is starting to look a little worn and dull. As a result, your curb appeal is suffering. Fortunately, you don't need to spend thousands installing brand new siding to give your home a fresh, new look. Instead, you can transform the look of your home by repainting your existing siding. Before you get started, however, there are some important dos and don'ts you'll want to keep in mind. After all, painting your aluminum siding isn't like painting a room in your house.

DO Take Time to Prep

Preparation is probably the most important aspect of painting your aluminum siding successfully. Specifically, you'll want to take the time to scrub away mildew, mold, and other stains from your siding (and to allow it several rain-free days to dry completely) before you get started. The best way to clean your aluminum siding is to use a power washer; if you don't own one, consider renting one from your local home improvement store or even hiring a professional power washing service to do this for you.

DON'T Skip the Primer

Once your aluminum siding is clean and dry, it's time to get started! Not so fast with the paint, though. To ensure that the paint adheres properly and is durable enough to resist stripping and peeling over time, you'll want to start by priming your aluminum siding. Don't skimp here; spend a little more on a primer that's specifically designed for use on slick exterior materials, such as aluminum.

DO Avoid Painting in Direct Sunlight

When it does come time to start applying paint to your siding, try to time your painting appropriately so that you're spending as little time in direct sunlight as possible. You see, aluminum expands and contracts easily, so it will expand when in direct sunlight. As a result, if you're painting in direct sunlight, the material is going to flex throughout the day, making your siding more prone to chipping and peeling. 

DON'T Forget the Trim and Gutters

Last but not least, if you're taking the time to paint your siding, make sure you consider re-painting your gutters, downspouts, and trim to complement the new siding color. After all, your existing trim and gutter colors might not look so great when contrasted with your new siding color. Be sure to consider this as you shop around for your new siding paint color.

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