Three Reasons You Should Install A Cool Roof

If you're considering re-roofing your home, outbuildings, business, or warehouses this year, you may not have considered doing them differently than last time. After all, if asphalt shingles were good enough for your predecessors, why shouldn't they be good enough for you? However, shingles are just about the worst roofing decision you can make if you live in a climate where the weather gets warm or hot in summer. Here are three reasons you should install a cool roof instead.

1. For you

A cool roof can translate into considerable savings on roofing materials. This is both because a cool roof is often made of longer-lasting materials (such as slate, metal, or tile) and because the lower temperature means the roof doesn't degrade from harmful temperature extremes so quickly. The reflectivity of these roof types keeps them fifty to sixty degrees cooler in the sun than conventional black asphalt shingles. Another way you can save money with a cool roof is by using your air conditioner less. With the great decrease in heat absorption by the part of your house facing the sun, you'll need to use the AC a lot less. This means that not only will it suck less energy (saving you money on your utility bills) but that it will also wear out less quickly, saving you money on your repair and replacement bills.

2. For the community

The urban heat island effect is largely a product of black roofs and roads absorbing heat and then releasing it into the local atmosphere over periods of time. This can allow a city to become considerably warmer than the surrounding areas. The added warmth can be a threat to both comfort and health in the summer; it can contribute to power outages caused by energy drains (produced by everyone's AC working overtime), increase air pollution and smog, and raise the number of heat-related deaths. One cool roof won't mitigate all these effects, but it's a start.

3. For the world

The urban heat island effect is not only a threat to humans and their well-being. The added pollution affects the surrounding area as well, and raised temperatures can change local ecosystems and completely wipe out local species. This isn't just because of the air temperature; water temperatures also rise and the warmer water can cause havoc in the ecosystems of waterways wherever it goes. Cool roofing, because it stays so much cooler than conventional roofing, can help minimize all these effects.

These three reasons demonstrate how your decision to install a cool roof can help not only your budget and your community but also fragile ecosystems nearby. Cool roofing can be just as affordable as your last roof was, but brings many more benefits.

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