Complete These Fall Roof Maintenance Tasks Before The Snow Starts Flying

Fall is a busy time of year. The holidays are just around the corner, kids are heading back to school, and you have a lot of home maintenance to do before the snow starts flying. One aspect of home maintenance that unfortunately gets overlooked in all of the chaos is your roof. This fall, make sure you set aside a little time to complete these simple fall roof maintenance tasks. When you spend all winter without any roof leaks, you'll be glad you did. 

Sweep any leaves off the roof.

Don't just assume the leaves will blow off eventually. If they are wet, they will probably just stick to the roof and freeze in place once the temperatures drop. The long-term exposure to the moist leaves may cause that part of your roof to deteriorate prematurely. The leaves may also serve as a "sticky spot" that snow adheres to, perpetuating the buildup of snow on your roof when it would otherwise slide off. You can use a long-handled broom to push wet leaves off your roof from a ladder. If your broom is not long enough, invest in a simple handle extender from a home improvement store.

Check your chimney flashing.

The chimney flashing, which is the metal collar that surrounds your chimney where it emerges from the roof, is one of the most common culprits for leaks in the winter time. If it is pulling away from your chimney, has begun to rust, or has some dings in it, these might let water trickle in once the snow builds up a few inches along the flashing. If you spot any damage to the flashing, have a local roofing contractor repair it now rather than waiting until you have to worry about broken flashing and water damage.

Clean out your gutters.

Many homeowners assume gutters are not important until the spring. However, they are very important in the winter, especially if your attic is not as well insulated as it could be. When snow melts on your roof and trickles down to the edge, it should flow out of your gutters. If they are clogged, that water may build up in your gutters, forming what is known as an ice dam at the edge of your roof. An ice dam perpetuates premature deterioration of your shingles and can lead to a leak.

Cleaning your gutters out is easy. Use your hands to scoop out any large debris, and then rinse the small stuff out with a garden hose.