Pigeons: An Overlooked Danger To Your Roof & Tips To Stop Them

Your roof is your home's umbrella, and it endures a lot for the sake of your home. One of the most overlooked dangers your roof faces are pigeons. Yes, believe it or not, pigeons pose a danger to your roof, and this guide will help you revert that danger.

How Can Pigeons Damage Your Roof?

Bird Droppings

The first danger that pigeons expose your roof to is their droppings. Their droppings can cause damage to your roof in a few different ways. For one, their droppings are acidic and--given enough time--this could eat away your roofing material. This could lead to leaks that may cause the following:

  • Electrical damage
  • Mold or mildew between the walls
  • Insect infestation
  • Structural damage

Enough bird poop could also put too much weight on your roof, which could lead to a cave in. Bird droppings can also attract more wildlife (including more birds), which could cause more problems.

Pigeon Nesting

Their nests could also cause a problem for your roof in the following ways:

  • Fire hazard
  • Gutter blockage

Pigeon nests are made of dead twigs, bird excrement, and other materials. These materials make the nest flammable and a danger to your roof and home. And your gutters could get clogged up should the nest or nests get stuck in them. Clogged gutters can trap water, and this could damage your roof's structure.

How to Prevent Pigeon Damage

Consider some of the following:

Remove or have your tree serviced to try to keep birds far from your roof. This is also helpful to prevent leaves from accumulating on your roof because leaves can also clog up your gutters. Plus, dead leaves can also attract insects to your roof, and they could find a way into your home. 

Clean your roof as often as needed. Remember to climb and do your regular cleaning carefully, or just have your roofing specialist do it if you feel uncomfortable. Do not forget to watch out for any other damage, like rust, cracks, or missing shingles while you are up there, as any of these could lead to more problems. 

You can have your roofing specialist install pigeon deterrents. Pigeon deterrents are usually small spikes that securely sit atop of your roof, which stops birds from comfortably landing on your roof. Another type of bird deterrent is an electrical system of tracks that lay flat over your roof. 

Talk to your roof specialist about other ways that you can protect your roof from pigeons and what else you can do to care for your roof.

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