Winterproofing Your Roof

If you don't pay your roof the proper attention it needs before the winter season sets in, then you can find yourself dealing with a lot of roof related issues. Not only can these issues leave you dealing with expensive roof repairs, but they can also lead to damages to other areas of your house. You may want to consider following some of the tips detailed in this article to make sure your roof is ready for the weather that's on the way.

Check your shingles and tiles

All your shingles or tiles should be in good shape and none of them should be missing. If you notice any in need of repairs or replacement, take care of it immediately. If the problem is small, such as a lifted shingle, you may be able to take care of it yourself. You can use a nail gun to attach the corner of a lifted shingle back into place. If the corner isn't flexible, you can wait until the heat of the day to repair it; this is when it will be most flexible.You can also use a hair drier to heat it up if the weather won't be getting warmer.

Ignoring repairs can lead to leaks in the roof and this means you can end up with water damage to the inside of your home. Water damage can cause mold to develop which can cause those in the household to be susceptible to health problems. If a leaky roof is ignored, it can get so serious that your furniture can even be at risk.

Prevent ice dams from occurring

Preventing ice dams from developing on the roof is a lot easier than dealing with them after they are there. You can prepare the roof before snowy weather comes in by putting salt on the roof in the areas of concern. You should also clear out anything under the roof that can get damaged if large chunks of ice fall on them, such as statues or flower pots. Knock down icicles as you see them appear. If they are allowed to grow big, then they can be a safety risk for anyone who walks underneath them.

Empty out rain gutters

If you don't clean out the rain gutters, then they will get full of leaves which can cause rain water to get trapped in them. This will make them heavy and at risk of breaking. It can also cause rain water to leak down the side of your house where it can stain the exterior paint.

By putting just a little bit of time and energy into preparing your roof for winter weather, you can help to prevent future problems and what would be unnecessary repairs completed by a roofing services company.