How To Select A Roof For Your Texas-Themed House

If you have traveled in the hill country of Texas, you probably fell in love with the Texas-themed houses you saw along the way. Perhaps you've just seen those house in movies or in magazines and books. Either way, if you have decided on a Texas theme for your new house, or if you are making changes to your present house by giving it a Texas feeling, you're in for some fun designing. One of the major decisions you have ahead of you is the selection of the roof for your Texas house. Here are some suggestions that might help you make that decision.

A Tile Roof - Texas houses often borrow from the houses found south of the border. If you are wanting to do this, a tile roof would be a great choice. For a traditional look, choose terra cotta red. If you want something more contemporary, choose a dramatic color like turquoise or blue. Tile roofs are probably your most expensive choice, but they'll last for a very long time as they handle harsh weather and the sun very well.

A Shingle Roof - A shingle roof is almost always the most affordable choice. While shingle roofs won't last as long as a tile roof does, shingles are easily repaired or replaced. And, if you still want that Tex-Mex feeling to your house, just choose terra cotta red for your shingle color. Earth colors are also great choices for your Texas-themed shingle roof. Another idea is to have two or three earth colors represented in the shingles. For example, brown, tan and ochre are really good together. Just select a color that complements the facade of your house. 

A Metal Roof - Does your house already have a metal roof on it? Excellent! That would be a very good choice for your new Texas house, too. Lots of those beautiful Texas hill country houses have metal roofs, and for a good reason. You're getting a lot for your money when you select a metal roof. The cost of a metal roof falls somewhere between the higher cost of a tile roof and the lower expense of a shingle roof. If your present metal roof needs repairs, perhaps because it leaks or because it has been damaged by hail, that is a very affordable job and the professional workers can have it repaired quickly. 

When your house is finished, consider using it as the front of your Christmas card so your friends and family members can see what you've created. For more info about your roofing options, contact a company like Acoma Roofing.