Getting A New Roof? Tips For Choosing The Right Color For Your Shingles

In the past, you would see black shingles on many homes but today, shingles come in many different colors. This allows you to be much more creative with your roof. If you are having problems choosing the right color, below are some tips to help make the right decision.

Look at the Shingles Outside

Artificial light is much different than the light outdoors. Because of this, instead of looking at the color options in a catalog, online, or in a store, ask the roofing contractor to show you the colors you are interested in outside in the sunlight. They should have color swatches they can bring to your home. This will allow you to better see what the color will look like when the shingles are on your roof.

Consider Where You Live

Where you live is a factor you should take into consideration when choosing the right color. For example, if you live in a hot climate, you should choose a lighter color, as it will reflect the sunlight to keep the temperature inside your home more comfortable. If you live in a cold climate, dark colored shingles will absorb heat to help keep your home warmer. Ice and snow will also melt easier on a dark roof.

Coordinate with Colors of House Elements

If you have a white house, you should stick to the black or dark grey shingles. If your trim or siding is cream, brown, or tan, you should choose brown, or brown mixed with cream roofing shingles. Grey or blue homes should have a darker color as well. If you have a red, yellow or green painted home, you have a wider variety of color choices to choose from so play off your landscaping or accent coloring, such as the trim and gutters.

You do not want the roof to be the main focal point of your home so if you are having problems, hire a color designer to help you. A new roof is a big investment so take time when making this choice.

Get Other's Opinions

Ask your friends and family what they think.  First, pick the three colors that you like best, and show the colors to them. If most of them agree that a certain color would not be a good choice, then you should consider a different color.  Of course, you will make the final decision, but this can help steer you in the right direction.

Talk with your roofing contractor, like those found at, who can help you choose the right shingle color.