Three Roofing Care Tips For New Homeowners

The condition of a home's roof will play a critical role in protecting the house from various forms of damage. Unfortunately, it can be relatively common for new homeowners to make mistakes when it comes to caring for the roof. These errors may expose this part of the home to a higher risk of suffering damages. To help your home avoid these problems, you should make sure to follow these three roofing tips.

Have Missing Or Damaged Shingles Replaced As Soon As Possible

The shingles of your roof can be particularly vulnerable to suffering damage. Whether it is due to strong storms passing through or animals prying at them, it is possible for a shingle to come loose or completely get ripped off the roof. Some homeowners may make the mistake of assuming that a few missing or damaged shingles is not a serious threat. However, these displaced shingles can create gaps that will allow water to seep under the roof. When this occurs, serious rotting can develop. You can help to minimize this threat by having your roof inspected each year and following any particularly strong storms that strike your area.

Have The Roof Professionally Washed

It can be easy to overlook the need to keep a roof clean. However, algae, dirt and leaves can accumulate on the roof during the year. These materials can contribute to the roof rotting by trapping moisture against it. To prevent this issue from causing substantial damages to your roof, you should have the roof washed by a professional each year. This washing will usually be done with a pressure washer, which will allow the contractor to rapidly remove any materials that may have been gathering on the roof.

Clean The Gutters At The End Of The Fall

The gutters are among the more important features of your roof as they will allow rainwater to easily drain off the roof and away from the house. Unfortunately, leaves can clog the gutters, which may cause large standing pools of water to start forming on the roof. When this happens, the roof may be more susceptible to rotting, and it may also be at a higher risk of suffering a collapse due to the weight of the water. By having your gutters cleaned during the fall, you can make sure that these leaves are removed before they are able to cause this problem. While having the gutters cleaned may seem like an inconvenience, you will not need to be home when this work is done, which can help to limit any disruptions to your schedule it may cause.

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