New England Weather: 3 Benefits Of Installing Metal Roofs On Your Home

Metal roofing has come a long way from the traditional metal sheets that were laid across the roof of sheds and huts. Now homes can be protected for the lifespan of a home with the installation of a modern metal roof. If you live in New England, then there are four different seasons of the year where your roof can be impacted by all different types of weather. Choosing a metal roof over other materials can come with several benefits. Reading through each of these benefits will give you a better understanding of how metal roofs operate and can be installed on your home.

Rain & Snow

New England goes through four seasons. This means that your roof can experience inches of rain in one month and multiple feet of snow in the next month. This can add a lot of wear to your rooftop. While traditional roof styles like asphalt shingles may discolor, leak, or wear down, metal shingles can offer protection and help the water run off a lot easier. A metal roof is also more durable than an asphalt roof. It can carry the weight of a lot of snow and help prevent cave-ins on your home.

Hurricanes & Blizzards

Along with precipitation and moisture, New England homeowners must worry about the high winds that can come with hurricane and blizzard season. In a single year, a New England home could be battered with high winds. While these winds may peel away at traditional roofs, the metal roofs have the durability to handle these strong winds. Thick and strong metals can also help protect your home from fallen branches or other debris. A roofing expert from a company like BCI Metal Roofing can provide you with different metal types that can handle these New England weather elements.

New England Architecture

New England architecture is very traditional and features some homes that are hundreds of years old. To help your home blend in with other homes in your neighborhood, you can choose a metal roofing materials that resembles traditional shingles. From a distance it will be hard to tell the material apart from other homes on the street. Pre-painted interlocking panels can be layered on the roof to form the look of a traditional shingle while blocking off any moisture or air gaps through the material. You also have a number of different color options for the metal roofing pieces. This allows you to match your home and other roofs in the area.

A roofing contractor can guide you through the selection process and give you a number of estimates on a new metal roof for your New England home.