3 Things To Do To Prepare Your Roof For Winter

Winter is well upon here, which means that so are wintry weather conditions – like ice, snow and cold winds. The last thing you need during this time of year is a roof leak, so it is important that you take precautionary measures to prepare your home before it is too late. Here are a few things you can do to really go the extra mile in protecting your family and home (specifically the roof) this winter:

Perform a Visual Inspection of Your Roof

You may not be a professional roofing contractor, but it doesn't mean that you can't do a visual inspection of your roof before wintery conditions get too bad. After all, the snow adds a significant amount of weight to your roof, so it is important that you know where there are weak spots in your roof. So, grab a ladder and get up on your roof to check things thoroughly. Look for any shingles that are blistered, cracked or missing. Make sure to also check for any cracked, broken or missing flashing, gutters and vents. Anything that is damaged needs to be repaired, as this is an area that is weak and can allow water to seep into the home.

Clean Your Gutters

You also need to clear out your gutters. During the winter, your gutters may fill up with snow. When the temperatures fall below freezing and the snow melts, the water will freeze and create what is known as an ice dam. This will then keep water from properly flowing from off of your roof. Instead, it will sit on top of your roof and cause damage and eventually come inside of your home. One way to prevent the formation of ice dams by ensuring your gutters clear of debris.

Trim Nearby Branches

Inspect trees near your home for any branches that are dangling over your roof, as these can be extremely dangerous during the wintertime. As the snow and ice start to come down, these branches often can't handle the additional weight. This eventually causes the branches to break and fall. If these limbs are directly over your roof or near your roof, it could result in them puncturing a hole in the shingles, resulting in a leak. Even if damage isn't an issue, they could still break and make their way into your gutters, clogging them up. Therefore, it is important to trim these branches ahead of time so that this isn't a concern throughout the season.

The aforementioned can go a long way in preparing your roof for the winter. However, if you need help in maintaining a warm and dry home this winter, call a roofing contractor like Scheinfield Contractors for assistance.