Don't Forget To Account For These Two Issues When Putting A Flat Roof On A Tiny Home

There are several benefits to putting a flat roof on a tiny home. Not only is it cheaper than other roof types, but you can get more use out of it. For instance, a flat roof can be used as extra space for a garden or storage. However, flat roofs have disadvantages that need to be properly accounted for so they last a long time. Here are two of them and what you can do.

Poor Drainage

The biggest issue with flat roofs is they typically have poor drainage. Angled roofs are naturally sloped to let water roll off their surfaces. However, flat roofs aren't. This means your roof is more likely to accumulate and hold pools of water that may lead to faster deterioration and mold growth.

There are two things you need to do to alleviate this issue. First, you must to make sure your roof is pitched enough to allow for proper water drainage. For instance, the minimum slope for any roof is a quarter of an inch per 12 inches of surface. However, the optimal pitch will vary depending on the type of material you use. It's best to either consult with a roofing expert or research online about the minimum pitch each type of roofing material requires.

The second thing you need to do is ensure there is an adequate drainage system that will funnel the water away from the roof. Your roof could be pitched perfectly, but if the drainage pipe is too small, for example, you'll still have a problem with pooling water.

Potential to Be Heavier

Another disadvantage of flat roofs is they have a tendency to be heavier than pitched roofs due to their construction and materials used. Additionally, it is much easier for snow to accumulate on a flat roof, which adds more weight in the winter time. This is one reason why flat roofs are more prone to collapsing than any other roof type.

To counter this, you will likely need to add more structural support, which may mean putting support beams inside the home to help hold the weight. This can be challenging since that means even less interior space for furniture, appliances, and other items you may want. However, it's critical you design your home to account for the extra support the roof needs; otherwise you may end up with even bigger problems down the line.

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