3 Important Steps When Faced With Siding Damage After A Severe Storm

One of the most important aspects of your home, regarding aesthetics, is the siding. This is the material on the exterior of your property, and it could potentially get damaged by severe storms. If it does, you'll want to take these measures as quickly as possible.

1. Gather Quotes From Multiple Repair Contractors 

Before you start thinking about your replacement options, you should first contact a reputable contractor. They can assess the siding damage and give you a quote for how much the repair will cost. You can then plan financially and take the best course of action based on the damage severity and your budget.

You'll want to contact more than one repair contractor, though. This way, you can gather multiple quotes and choose a professional that is the most affordable. Just make sure you don't focus only on costs, though, because you want the repair job to be professional and long-lasting. 

2. Research Your Insurance Coverage 

Having home insurance is important for times like this when you experience serious exterior storm damage after a storm. You need to research your insurance coverage and see exactly what your policy states for this type of damage.

Your policy may state that only certain areas of your home can be re-sided, or your entire home may qualify for re-siding after a storm. Knowing these details in advance is paramount for facilitating this claims process. When submitting an insurance claim, you also need to be as specific as possible. This way, the insurance company won't drag their feet, and you can find a suitable siding replacement promptly. 

3. Consider Your Siding Replacement Options

If your siding is severely damaged, every area may need to be completely replaced. As such, you need to consider the various replacement options. The good news is, there are plenty to choose from today.

One of the most popular siding options is vinyl, as it shows off a timeless look. It's also extremely durable and fairly simple to maintain. This is ideal if you work a lot throughout the week. Metal siding is also a good option because of its added durability. It will not mold or be susceptible to rust, like other options. 

There are so many issues that could arise with your siding after a severe storm. Luckily, you have plenty of options as far as replacements and repairs. You just need to take a proactive approach and talk to the right professionals once the storm has passed.