Three Best Roof Tile Materials

There are many different roofing materials, but tiles will always be one of the most stylish and sturdy products. Tile of all sorts can be used on buildings of pretty much any style. There is nothing else that matches the unique look and low maintenance of a typical tile roof. Of course, not all tiles are the same. Not only do they come in a variety of different shapes and styles, they also come in many different materials. In fact, you can often find the same style in different materials.

For example, one popular roofing style is Double Roman. These tiles can be found in concrete, ceramic, composite, clay, and terra-cotta. Obviously, the material is also going to affect the overall look of your roof. So, you need to figure out which is going to be best for your particular home. Here is a comparison of a few of the most common tile materials. Materials like concrete, clay, and ceramic can all be found in most of the popular roofing tiles styles.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are strong and reliable but rather heavy. Concrete can be water resistant, but it depends on the actual product you choose. For example, there are raw concrete products that absorb water and even look darker when they get wet. There are also glazed or painted concrete products that aren't affected one bit by moisture. That is, water flows off of them instead of absorbing into the concrete. This is also beneficial because you don't need to worry about the formation of moss on your tiles. Concrete is one of the most common tile materials simply because it is affordable and practical for any climate.

Clay Tiles

Clay roofing tiles are lighter and more brittle than concrete. Clay is another affordable material choice, but it has a more distinct look. The natural terra-cotta hue of a clay product is definitely attractive to many. But, if this isn't the style you're going for, then you might want to avoid it. Clay is very popular on Spanish, Roman, French, and other European roofing styles.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are similar to clay, but they are strong and usually have better insulation. The tile is an actual composite that is designed specifically for roofing, meaning it is made to be as energy efficient as possible without being too heavy. Lighter tiles are much cheaper to produce and install. Ceramic tiles might be manufactured and composite, but they still look great.

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