How To Increase Roof Insulation

As your home gets older, it can become less efficient in many ways. One of the most prevalent problems is that the roof starts to lose its insulation after a number of years. If you have an old roof that doesn't have great insulation, there are a few possible solutions that can end up making your home much more energy efficient. This article explains some of the best options for reinforcing your roof insulation.

Replacing Your Roof Material

The first thing that comes to mind for many is to just replace their roofing material. This is a big project, but it does have other benefits.

When you have a new roof material, you basically have a new exterior home style. So, if you feel like your home is a little outdated or out of style, replacing the roof material could be the perfect upgrade.

Of course, modern roofing products generally have better insulation than older products. You can now find products with higher R-values at more reasonable prices.

Adding Insulation to the Deck

If you don't want to actually change your roof style, there are still a couple of options available. The first option is to add insulation to the roof deck.

The only way to do this is to actually remove your tiles so that you can add insulation to the deck. There are fiberglass insulation sheets, spray foam insulation, and wooden options that can all add insulation to your roof.

Once this is done, your roof tiles or shingles will need to be reinstalled. Depending on what type of tiles or shingles you have on your roof, this can be a big project. Usually, it is still cheaper than replacing your roof altogether.

Adding Insulation Inside Your Home

The third option, and often the easiest, is to add insulation to the inside of your home. In many homes, the attics and roof trusses are unfinished. So, if you can add insulation in between the ceiling joists or the trusses under your roof, you can greatly increase the insulation.

In many homes, the roof rafters will be encased in drywall, so it isn't very practical to do this. However, it is still possible even though it requires more construction.

All of these projects can be quite costly. So, you need to think about if it'll be worth it, and how much added insulation can help reduce your monthly bills. Consult with a roofing services company to find out more.