Signs That Point To The Need For A New Roof

It's often possible to repair damaged areas of your roof, so you may wonder when it's time to have the entire roof replaced. Even if you keep up with roof maintenance and repairs, your roof will eventually wear out and have to go. Here are some signs that help you know when the time is close for a new roof.

When Your Neighbors Get New Roofs

When your roof gets old, it's time to replace it, but you may have no idea how old the roof is. One thing that might clue you in is the other homes in your neighborhood. If all the homes were built at roughly the same time, the roofs are aging at the same rate. If you notice several homes in your neighborhood getting new roofs, then it's probably time to start thinking about having a new roof put on your home too.

When There Are Many Damaged Shingles

When your roof is old, the shingles may curl at the edges, crack, or lose granules and look bald. Even a new roof can sustain damage from a storm that is bad enough to require a new roof rather than repairs. If you notice damaged shingles in several places, get an inspection from a roofer. The inspection reveals whether repairs will suffice or if you need a new roof.

When There's Water Damage

When you see water stains on the ceiling or see water dripping from the attic, then you know the roof has a problem. Another sign of moisture on the roof is when moss grows on the shingles. A roofer can determine if the roof deck has rotted or if shingles are affected by water damage. Sometimes, leaks can be repaired, but other times, your roof may need to be replaced when the water damage is extensive.

When There's Hail Damage

If a storm with a lot of hail passes through, you should have your roof inspected shortly after. Hail strikes cause a lot of damage to an asphalt roof. This type of damage is usually widespread over the roof and it's not an easy repair. Hail damage usually requires a roof replacement.

Sometimes, the condition of your roof is obvious and you know it will soon be time to replace it. Other times, the signs might not be so obvious since you might think repairs will be enough. Get advice from a roofer after an inspection so you make the right choice regarding home roof replacement. Your roof plays an important role in protecting your home, and if your roof is bad, your home is at risk of water damage.