Keeping Your Roof in Good Shape Throughout Winter

Wintertime is when you spend much of your time indoors. With all of that time spent inside, you may not pay any attention at all to what's going on outside of your home, but you need to. If you are having problems with your home, especially with your roof, you should be aware of it so you can make the necessary repairs and prevent a costlier problem. Read on for tips to keep your roof in top shape this winter.

Have An Inspection

Before the season even hits, you should have your roof inspected by a roofing contractor, or take the time to inspect it yourself. If you have problems in the fall, they will carry over into the winter months and could become a much bigger problem. If you're inspecting your roof yourself, take a ladder and carefully get yourself up to the roof. Take a careful walk around the roof and feel for soft spots or sagging areas. If you notice any issues, contact a professional right away to have the roof repaired before winter.

Trim Trees

You'll also need to trim any trees that are hanging over your roof that could cause damage to your home. Heavy snow and ice can cause tree limbs and branches to break off, hitting your home. If this happens, it can damage your roof, gutters, or siding. Be sure to trim any and all tree limbs and branches, or hire a professional to do this work for you.

Clean Gutters

Another maintenance task you should complete before winter comes is cleaning your gutters out. If your gutters are full, melting snow and ice won't have anywhere to drain off. This water will sit with the rest of the debris, causing a dam. This can create a problem for you, as the water will eventually build up enough that it will leak down through the soffit and fascia, rotting any wood behind it. It an also seep into your walls as well. If you don't notice this damage right away, you could end up with mold and mildew in your home. This snowball effect can be a costly repair for you.

Before the winter months come, you should prepare your home and your roof to ensure it stays in good shape throughout those harsh winter months. If you suspect a problem during winter, call a professional roofing business, such as Emerald Roofing, to do the repair work for you.