Orientation Considerations For Having Skylights Installed

If you've made up your mind that you want skylights installed during your upcoming roof replacement, you'll want to talk to your roofing professional about your goals for this project. Your roofer can give you some feedback about how to maximize the functionality of your skylights, but you'll want to think about handful of orientation considerations, too. Generally, you can have a skylight installed in a portrait direction, like a door, or in a landscape orientation, which is turned 90 degrees. Here are some orientation considerations to discuss with your roofing contractor.

Appearance From The Exterior

While there's not always a "right" and a "wrong" way to situate your skylights, you want to ensure that they look right from the exterior of your home. Few things can get under your skin than something that looks odd when you approach your home, so this is a decision that you'll want to get right. For example, if you have a short, tall section of roof to which you'll add a skylight, orienting it in the portrait position can look better visually. Similarly, a longer section of roof may benefit from a skylight placed in a landscape position.

How They Light The Room

Before you plan out how your skylights will look, you'll want to look at your roof at various times of the day to notice how sunny the area gets. Ideally, you can do this step with your roofer, as he or she will have professional guidance that will be of value. A skylight is all about letting sun into your home, so you'll want to position your skylights to maximize this goal. For example, on a certain section of roof, a skylight placed in a portrait position may allow more sun into your home than the same size of skylight placed in a landscape manner.

How They Open

Some skylights open, which can be an effective way to allow fresh air into your home. You'll want to assess how the wind most often hits your residence. For example, ft the wind typically comes from the north, you'll likely want to position the skylight so that it opens to the north. This will maximize the amount of air that enters through the skylight and freshens your home. There's little value in positioning the skylight so that it deflects the breeze rather than allows it to enter when it's in the open position.

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