Roofing Options For Different Architectural Styles When Renovating Your Home

If you are renovating a home with a unique architectural style, there are different options for the type of roofing materials that can be used. Often, you want to preserve the original design, but there are some situations where you may want to change the style of the roof. The following roofing systems are some of the options you may want to consider for different architectural designs:

Tiles to Create a Spanish Revival Look

One of the architectural styles that you may want to use a specific roofing material for is Spanish revival. These homes usually have a tile roof. Today, several tiles roofing options are available for these roofs, including:

  • Real clay roofing tiles
  • Metal roofing tiles or panels
  • Synthetic roofing tiles (made from recycled material)

These are some of the available options for a tile roof to create a Spanish-style revival look when doing renovations. Clay tiles will be one of the best options for a Spanish revival design, but other options like metal are better if you are replacing asphalt shingles for lightweight construction.

Shake Roofing for Craftsman-Style Homes

If you are renovating a craftsman-style home, there are several options for shake or wood roofing designs. Today, the options for the wood materials that can be installed on your home include:

  • Split shakes and milled wood shingles
  • Metal tiles with shake profile
  • Modern synthetic shake composites

The installation of shakes or other shake-like materials can be a great solution for a craftsman-style home. They also work well for rustic home designs in rural areas. If you want the roof to be more resistant to fires and water damage, consider treated shingles or stamped metal tiles for your project.

Roofing for Contemporary-Style Architecture

Another type of architectural style that you may need a new roof for is contemporary. One of the options to consider for these modern designs is a metal roof, which can work with slopes and nearly flat roof designs. If your home is going to have a flat roof design, membrane systems can be a good investment for the new roof. There are also options for green roofs and spray coatings that can be used for a contemporary roof for your renovations. These solutions can be great for many different types of modern designs.

The different options for roofing materials can be used for specific architectural styles for renovation projects. Contact a roofing service and ask them about these options for your home.