2 Best Roofing Materials For A Sidesplit Split-Level Home

A sidesplit split-level homes has two side-by-side house segments that are differentiated by the number of stories. The taller side typically has two stories and a hipped roof style while the shorter segment has one story and a gabled roof. The prominence of the roofs in this architectural style mean it is extra important to choose the best roofing materials for a repair or replacement project. What are a couple of the best roofing materials for a sidesplit split-level home?

Getting A New Roof? Tips For Choosing The Right Color For Your Shingles

In the past, you would see black shingles on many homes but today, shingles come in many different colors. This allows you to be much more creative with your roof. If you are having problems choosing the right color, below are some tips to help make the right decision. Look at the Shingles Outside Artificial light is much different than the light outdoors. Because of this, instead of looking at the color options in a catalog, online, or in a store, ask the roofing contractor to show you the colors you are interested in outside in the sunlight.

3 Best Roofing Materials For Gambrel Dormers

Gambrel roofs are commonly associated with barns but the angular roof style can also provide a great functional accent to a home when perched atop a set of dormers. Gambrel roofs add even more natural light and living space to the standard dormer and add quite a bit of visual interest to the front of your home. If you are replacing the roofing material on your main roof and dormers, understanding the pros and cons of the gambrel roof shape can help determine your overall best material.

How To Select A Roof For Your Texas-Themed House

If you have traveled in the hill country of Texas, you probably fell in love with the Texas-themed houses you saw along the way. Perhaps you've just seen those house in movies or in magazines and books. Either way, if you have decided on a Texas theme for your new house, or if you are making changes to your present house by giving it a Texas feeling, you're in for some fun designing.

Winterproofing Your Roof

If you don't pay your roof the proper attention it needs before the winter season sets in, then you can find yourself dealing with a lot of roof related issues. Not only can these issues leave you dealing with expensive roof repairs, but they can also lead to damages to other areas of your house. You may want to consider following some of the tips detailed in this article to make sure your roof is ready for the weather that's on the way.